I want to celebrate today.

Every 28th of the month is a special day of my romantic life. Well, I am not sure if I really need to mention it in the blog but I just did.

But apart from that…these also happened:

Salary arrived earlier than scheduled.

Salary received was greater than usual.

Then moments after, teammates were starting to congratulate me. I had no idea why.

Because the email came into my inbox late. πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ˜…

The said email contains the awardees for Q2 of this year.

And my name is there.

That’s the reason why I got an additional pay.


That was quite unexpected.

Making this day more special.

Almost a year ago I wrote the blog entitled To Be Honest. It was a life update and I was trying to share what I was experiencing that time – a difficult time both in my personal and professional life.

Little did I know that during that time, my sanity was already starting to go down, that could later affect my mental health.

And I reached burnout.

Unavoidably, I started the first two months of this year on a break. Wherein, I consider myself lucky because I was granted one by my employer.

And when I came back after my break, a lot of things happened. Things that I also didn’t expect to happen and let’s just say not a good welcoming event after I had my break.

I thought that was it. I even described my career at that point as a dead end.

I talked it out with someone in the senior management and the fruitful thing that happened after the conversation was…it somehow changed my mindset.

I realized that I need to have a sustainable mindset for me to able to carry on. A mindset that even when unlikable changes will occur with my teammates and work counterparts, and of the organization that I am a part of, will still allow me to continue to deliver and perform.

I then started to explore.

I realized that as an engineer and with the nature of my daily tasks, I am like a sidekick to someone who needs help to be able to submit something to the client or to whoever.

And that’s where I am trying to capitalize.

Also, a huge factor is that my work counterpart / mentor doesn’t fail to acknowledge all my contributions whether big or small. Allowing me to understand now that my best role is to help.

And so I’m embracing it now.

And I plan to continue helping.

The kind or level of help that will be beneficial to my team, the client and also for MYSELF.

I know I was at a dead end, but I made a detour.

And I will continue my journey.

Grateful for this first award that I have ever received in my professional life and will continue to work for it not to be the last. 😬

Thanks to the one(s) who nominated me.

Good night. πŸ˜‰

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